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13 reasons why a SmartBand can improve your music lifestyle labels
on October 5, 2016
13 reasons why a SmartBand can improve your music lifestyle

The advancement of technology and reducing the size of electronic devices over the years is it possible to use, more and more devices in our daily lives as supplements that help us personally change.

Devices ” wearables ” (to be worn) are most notable step in this field. The most practical example is fitness smartband¬†or cuantificadoras bracelets that allow us to measure different parameters in our daily lives and help us improve, ultimately, our lifestyle. We know 13 reasons why a SmartBand can improve your lifestyle today.

What is a quantizer or SmartBand bracelet?

The cuantificadoras bracelets are devices really booming right now: They’re so simple, small and effective than take on the wrist without worrying about nothing more than to charge your battery and get them started.

These devices incorporate a number of sensors that measure our daily activity: how many steps we take, how many kilometers we travel, how many calories we burn, how we sleep, etc.


Of course, all your information is merely upholding , as it only comes with sensors on the wrist and not in other parts of the body, but still fully useful to know each other better and try to improve certain aspects or overcome our personal goals .All information is shown summarized in the form of graphics on your smartphone or computer, according to the bracelet and depending on the application used to it.

An example of SmartBand pointer is found in the new Sony SmartBand SWR10 , an elegant, practical and sturdy device that will give us endless possibilities, thanks to its LifeLog, to control the activity of our daily life , as reflected in the 13 possible applications that we can give and we detail below.

13 ways will improve one SmartBand


It is a quantifier

Its most basic function: count the steps we take in our daily lives. Something that will encourage us when trying to overcome our own walking distances and we will significantly improve our physical and mental state.

Measure your activity

The day has many hours, and not all the activity we have is to go: we usually go jogging , we take the bike , we practice other sports . Our SmartBand can measure all our physical activity regardless of their nature.

It helps you overcome your goals

Measure the activity is a wonderful thing, but the key is to know what we do every day and how much to set personal goals and overcome our own goals.


You can count calories consumed

When performing sports activities, according to their intensity and your age, height and weight you can consume more or less calories . Your SmartBand will keep us informed about how many calories we lose while performing such activities.

Keeping in shape

If we count our daily steps, we measure all our activity, we exceeded previously established objectives and consume calories in every activity performed, we will be fully fit and your body will thank you .

It will improve your mood

By having good health and better physical condition, our mood will be reflected in the same way: we feel more alive and happy to see the positive progress that get gradually.

You will have a gauge of sleep

Our SmartBand not only prove beneficial to us in the “busyness” daily, will also be a great ally when going to bed. It will be able to monitor our movements and then show us what has been the real rest in a graph.

You can enjoy a “silent” alarm

The SmartBand you wake up the best time based on your sleep cycle. It willvibrate gently on your wrist just when you finish your last dream. You will not bother anyone else with the typical audible alarm.

Ideal to relive or remember important moments

Thanks to the combination of our SmartBand and other external applications as Lifelog , we can have full control of our lives: we have information of our activities of social and entertainment , thanks to the information gathered from your smartphone applications. Mark a memorable moment in your life will be very easy.


You’ll use a useful Notifier on your wrist

When we receive a call, a message or a notification on your smartphone , our SmartBand we warn you with a small vibration on our wrist. We will be fully informed of everything that happens on the device to which we are connected even without having it before.

You will have a multimedia controller on your wrist

We may also use our SmartBand as a multimedia controller to use. Nothing better that while we are practicing our favorite sport and hearing record, to reproduce, change songs, pause with a touch of button on our wrist.

Do not forget our smartphone

If we move out of Bluetooth range of our smartphone, our SmartBand warn us andavoid forget . Likewise all information collected while we are away from it and automatically syncs back to reconnecting be stored.


Add discrete, tough and durable fashion

Our SmartBand can influence our appearance thanks to being an aesthetic plus complement. Its elegant design and its durability and resistance against water and dust make it a totally irresistible device.

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