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7 essential films for music students labels
on September 20, 2016
7 essential films for music students

The film industry also has used the musical sphere to produce films can inspire, teach or entertain future musicians

The beginnings of the most popular musicians in history, hard road to success, as well as problems or dilemmas that lie behind the stage, are some of the themes of the music industry film producers have led to the big screen . Ribbons a future musician can learn a lesson, inspiration and even gain courage to face this difficult path. All movies below are available to see on putlocker movies

1. The Blues Brothers

Known in Spain as “The Blues Brothers”, this film released in 1980 mixes humor with music to tell the story of the Blues Brothers. After spending several years in prison for robbery, Jake Blues gets out of prison where he is expected by his brother Elwood. This informs you that the orphanage where they grew up is about to be closed, so both will be proposed to use music as a means to save the site.

2. Yellow Submarine

Based on the Beatles song of the same name, this animated film released in 1968 takes us to see the musical Pepperland hidden paradise under the sea. One day this land in which dominates the music is invaded by the Blue Meanies, characters who hate music. Faced with this problem the mayor of the region Liverpool sends the young Fred, in his yellow submarine, for help. So it will be as it begins to reunite the Beatles.

3. Amadeus

This American film released in 1984, tells the story of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart from the vision of Antonio Salieri. Who until then he had been the most prominent court musician of Emperor Joseph II of Austria. However, feeling threatened by the arrival of Mozart, Salieri will do everything to ruin the career advancement of young musician born in Salzburg (Austria).

4. Habana Blues

In 2005 comes to the big screen the film Habana Blues, a Spanish-Cuban production that tells the story of young musicians Ruy and Tito. Their music is a mix of Cuban music with Rock and Roll and Blues. However, the ability to jump to fame internationally hand of a record will you both young various moral dilemmas and difficult decision whether it is worth sacrificing art commercial.

5. Whiplash

More recently this American film that tells the story of young Andrew Neiman, a promising jazz drummer who decides to enroll in Shaffer, one of the best country music conservatories opened.In this institution, and fierce competition, you will find advice from Terence Fletcher, an abusive conductor who will take the limit just to get his full potential.

6. The Phantom of the Opera

Translated into Spanish as “The Phantom of the Opera”, this film has several film versions is the adaptation of the novel by French writer Gaston Leroux. He tells the story of a man who lives in the basement of the Paris Opera, dedicated to terrorize all entrepreneurs or artists who come to the theater. However, everything will change with the arrival of the young dancer Christine beautiful voice.

7. 8 Mile

Released in 2002 under the name of “8 Mile” is one of the few films of the film industry with rap as a central theme. The argument of the film are the first steps of American rapper Eminem in this musical style; besides it struggles to gain the respect of black rappers who have always dominated the rap environment.


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