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A landscape design inspired by music in the pre cordillera of Santiago RM Chile. labels
on December 26, 2016
A landscape design inspired by music in the pre cordillera of Santiago RM Chile.

is there a communication between landscape and music? you have to think that, on the one hand the landscape and music have been always in the human environment and that the first instruments are natural sounds, becoming the prehistory of musical instruments The music that the primitive man produced, extracted it from its landscape, being the most important thing: communication Music and landscape have color, rhythm, height and expressive force. All the musicians in history have been inspired by the landscape of their surroundings. As a first example we have Vivaldi in his 4 seasons, on the other hand remember the Pastoral Symphony of Beethoven and walking a little further in time one of the greatest representatives of the twentieth century G.Mahler , who took refuge in a lake in a beautiful landscape , To find inspiration in his work and so in innumerable cases within what has been the traditional music of symphonic concerts. Just as the landscape has inspired music, landscape design could also be inspired by the music ….



This work was conceived jointly with its inhabitants, who valued their landscape from before the beginning of the construction of their residence, being the landscape designers melbourne work begun in the year 1994 and finished of construction in 1996 in its 2nd stage. The total area is 2,000 m2, and its unique and spectacular location on the 1.000 level of the foothills of the Andes, in the commune of Peñalolen, allows views of the great valley of the Santiago basin and the mountain range of the coast. The design concepts for this residential space were addressed with a dual purpose: on the one hand the recognition and enhancement of the immediate landscape and the distant scenic background, privileging the visual projections and, on the other hand, the need to provide shelter, protection And habitability to the exterior spaces of the house, which involved working at various scales the available space, with different enclosures, zones and functional alternatives and routes. The project was able to reconcile the two great concepts, so that its inhabitants enjoy their private environment and the perspectives to the landscape and the landscape is privileged in environmental and landscape / perceptual aspects, given the biogeographic relationships that the design considers and the global concept Applied, in addition to the visual integration, which also favors the urban set of the area. The project is the work of the Chilean Landscape Designers Luis Bianchi M. and Monica Palma V.

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