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External cleaning of the PC and preparing its peripherals for musicians Guide labels
on December 26, 2016
External cleaning of the PC and preparing its peripherals for musicians Guide

Index of contents.

  1. Introduction.
  2. External cleaning of the CPU.
  3. Cleaning of peripherals.
  4. Cleaning products for PCs.

1. Introduction.

11As always, the best measure is prevention, avoid placing your equipment in dusty, very hot areas or having to handle them with greasy hands.

There are professional chemical cleaners and kits specifically for exterior cleaning PCs but they are often expensive and difficult to find in proximity stores.

However, cleaning with household cleaning products is possible. A solution of soap in water with the cloth well drained can serve to clean the PC externally and other electronic devices.

We also have in the market cleaning kits for optical reader lenses such as DVDs.

Watch out!!! With moistening areas with electric voltage or touch screens, as they may stop working. Work with very drained or dry cloths.

2. Cleaning the CPU, mini tower or turret.

Passing the vacuum cleaner or blower to clean the inside of the CPU, at least once a year depending on the situation of the computer is very advisable. Especially for areas of fans that usually accumulate enough dust.

Rods can help us reach inaccessible areas. Always work with the equipment disconnected from the network.

A soft brush type brush or brush can be helpful to lift accumulations. It is ideal for reaching small nooks and crannies such as those found in the heat sinks of the motherboard microchips and fans.

There are moving parts, such as fans that can be lubricated with lubricating spray oils. Where appropriate they are susceptible to disassembly for deep cleaning if they sound too much or malfunctioning. Alcohol or other solvents such as those found in commercial cleaning products can work to dissolve dust and accumulated dirt, but run the risk of corrosion if used repeatedly.

Do not wet the motherboards, other printed circuits, better dry cloths or brush type brushes. Also do not use pointed utensils that can scratch or damage the circuits, better soft tools such as cotton buds typical for cleaning the ears. Cloths should also be soft and non-abrasive.

Do not allow the accumulation to reach such an extreme that certain components such as mobile fans become blocked, then it may be late and corrective maintenance is required.

3. Peripherals and other external devices.


For the keyboard is recommended, turn around and give “small touches” smoothly, perhaps improve this technique pass the vacuum cleaner to remove dust deposits and dirt not too embedded. If necessary, the keyboard can be removed from the back so as not to separate the keys from their position. In case of release they could be placed depending on the cases, but better not disassemble them due to their difficulty in the assembly.

It is recommended to use non-abrasive neutral products or to use solvents when cleaning the general parts of a PC.

4. Cleaning products for PCs.

11 EWENT EW5601 – Air compressor, 400 ml .
11 Fellowes 9977907 . Computer Cleaning Kit (Pressure Air Filter, Plastic, Multi, 16.2 cm, 6 cm, 24.5 cm).


11 Black plastic casing USB Mini Vacuum Keyboard for PC Laptop  from  Sourcingmap

notes :

  • Remember, these tips are provided without warranty, it is your responsibility to treat your equipment during cleaning.
  • Beware of the static electricity that you accumulate may be enough to disable any electronic component used in a PC. Use insulated footwear and discharge your load by touching a metal, for example.

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