This is a quickly cooked up FAQ for newly revamped devdsp.net. It’s far from complete (and it looks awful :) ). If you’ve got any questions that aren’t answered here, don’t hesitate to email the site admin.

How do I submit stories? There’s no submit link anymore!

You don’t. You write up what you have to say in your blog. Once or twice a day, all new blog entries get reviewed by the articles admin, and the ones that make frontpage material are converted into articles.

I lost my password. What do I do? There’s no “email password” link

There’s no “email password” thingie, correct. This may change in the future, but for now there isn’t because the machine I used to develop the devdsp CMS on didn’t have an MTA to test email functionality with. Stupid, I know, and it’s high on my list of things to do. For now, if you lose your password, just create a new user account and if you’re *very* much attached to your account, email me from the account you used to register your account with, convince me you are who you say you are and I’ll reset your password for you.

Why do I have to supply a valid password when I register a new account? It doesn’t get used for anything!

See above. In case you lose your password, having supplied a valid email address will help convince me you are who you say you are.

DevDSP.net does NOT ask you for your email address so we can do all sorts of nasty things to you – you need (want) to supply a valid one because of the above reason and because sometime in the future some nifty features may be implemented for which it is needed. What features? Dunno yet – internal messaging, maybe, might be cool …

Why doesn’t a web resource (link) I submitted appear on the Resources page?

By default, all resources users submit have their ‘publish’ flag set to no. Once in a while, the resources admin(s) go through all newly submitted resources and set this flag to ‘public’ for resources they think should be, uhm, public. All resources you submit will be visible on your userinfo page, however.
The reason it works this way is that it a) allows users to submit private resources that don’t apply do devdsp.net as a whole (if you find a private resource of yours has accidentally been made public when it shouldn’t have, fire off an email to inform the admin you don’t want it to be public and it will get made private again) and b) it allows some screening of submitted resources, to make sure the same resource doesn’t get added twice, for instance, or to make sure people don’t start supplying links to their favorite pr0n sites ;).

Why doesn’t a track I submitted display my username when it comes up in the ‘random track’ box (or on the Resources page)?

If you want the artist name to be displayed, you should add it to the title (artist: title, say). The reason for this is that sometimes you may want to submit a track you didn’t create yourself, because you think it’s really cool, say (I do this all the time) and it wouldn’t be right if you got credit for it (*grin*).

I’ve found a bug in your CMS!

Yeah, that can happen. It shouldn’t, but …
If you think you’ve found a bug, email the site admin, tell him (it’s a him) what you were doing when you ran across the bug and what went wrong. The more information the better! If it really is a bug, we’ll get on it right away.

Why doesn’t devdsp.net have [your favorite feature]

Because it doesn’t. Yet. If you have an idea for a cool feature, post it in the DevCMS forum. That’s what it’s there for.