NAMM: Logic 6, Firewire Audio Interface, Software Akai (bis)

Emagic unveil Logic Audio 6. The new version will be available for Macs only (d’uh) starting February. It features intelligent CPU resource management (it won’t freeze as much), track grouping, mixing from the main program window, mp3 support, improved time stretching/pitch shifting, bla bla bla bla. The press release is here.

M-Audio, makers of fine outboard audio/MIDI gear, announce the first (to my knowledge) external audio interface to make use of the FireWire protocol. It features two analog ins, eight analog outs, SPDIF, the works. Press release is here

There’s more info on the software AKAI alluded to two days ago – Sonic State has a press release for you to read. It’ll be a VST/Audio Unit that can do 24bit/96kHz and it provides all of the features of the hardware Z8 sampler in a very, uhm, blue interface.