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on September 24, 2016

There are many issues that you must work your music as the SEO of your website. The good news is that there Musical Marketing to help you deal with issues like this. I will answer many of the questions I’ve been asked about SEO.


What is SEO? it stands for Search Engine Optimization which in Spanish means Optimizing your Website for Search Engines; Google, Bing and Yahoo to name the main ones.

What does SEO? SEO is what makes a person, according to their interests, find your website in search engines.

What can help my music? helps’re visible in the search engines and you be found by the right people or in other words your ideal fan.

How does it work? to work you have to establish what are the keywords of your music and add them to the name and description in the meta data of your website. You do not need a webmaster to do so, many blog providers automatically configure it once you enter the blog name and description.

What are my keywords? Your keywords are your stage name, the country where you live, your slogan, your musical genre, the names of your songs and description of your music. If you have a distinctive elements that define your brand and the characteristics of your ideal fan are keywords you can use too. For more information read Did you know that your music is a brand? .

If you do not know the characteristics of your ideal fan I recommend you download my ebook Study of Fan Ideal . It’s free.

Follow these tips as a guide for establishing your SEO:

  • Make a list of keywords that identify your music.
  • Write a short paragraph explaining what your music but containing keywords and include them where the description of your website going.
  • In the name or title of the website you’re going to put your artistic and optional name you can also put your slogan or your country and musical genre. For example: Raymond Zayas – Puerto Rico Marketing Musical.
  • properly label photos uploaded to your website. In the properties of the image you añadeles a title, description and in the comments area put your url.
  • You constantly have to publish content to your website and labels put keywords with which your ideal fan will identify with your music.
  • Eventually you’ll discover new keywords that may be potential to define your music. Remember to update your SEO with those words.

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