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The electronic cigarette that plays music labels
on August 17, 2016
The electronic cigarette that plays music

The electronic cigarette that plays music

Undoubtedly fashion electronic cigarettes still booming, although it has divided the scientific community about how harmful or not you can be, the latter is the launch customizado a alsocigarette that when you turn the song sounds “The Hills” of The Weeknd .

Inspired by the artwork of Canadian artist latest album “Beauty Mehind The Madness” , this musical electronic cigarette has been developed by one of the most important companies in that market, PAX and also¬†here are the best electronic cigarette 2016


The design includes the famous logo “XO” The Weenknd and a yellow LED light, distinctive color of their recent album, the reason for this release is to celebrate the new tour by the United States and Canada in which the artist will be presenting live her album.

The launch of this electronic cigarette will be released on November 11th in a limited edition at a price of $ 324.99

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