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You want to be a musician? With these programs you can have your home studio labels
on December 7, 2016
You want to be a musician? With these programs you can have your home studio

Having your own recording studio, publishing a CD. That’s the dream of every amateur musician.And to achieve it takes less than many imagine. The computer is easy to make recordings in the room of the house. Neither the software to achieve cost too much money. But what is right?

The software makes the computer a recording studio. Programs for beginners, for less than $ 100, turn the computer on multitrack recorder with multiple effects and virtual instruments, data backups, email contacts, Reverse append. Who wants to go further will have to invest a lot of time, because the domain of the art sound is not easy, even with the computer.

The first thing a musician must ask is whether he plays in the professional league or amateur league. Because this is ultimately a question of price. Advanced programs such as Cubase 6.5 , the German firm Steinberg , costing several hundred dollars, although there are smaller versions at a lower price. The firm Presonus offers a free version for beginners program Studio One .

Many wonder if this serves to start. “Of course I do , ” says Jörg Sunderkötter, magazine ‘Sound & Recording’ in Cologne. “These programs do not have 300 tracks available, but who needs this?”.Who do not plan to deliver a professional recording a record, it will suffice version for beginners.

But users Apple can start without spending too much: the program Garageband is in the iLife ’11 suite and comes preinstalled on Macs. For professionals is Logic , Apple, whose version Pro 9 costs about $ 199.99. But there are also a host of other Windows programs for beginners. Among these, Cakewalk Sonar X2 with series FL Studio , Sony Acidand Magix .

No need to know much to turn a song into music with the Music Maker Magix . The program brings many “loops” that can be combined in several tracks in harmonizing and pace desired.”Choosing a beat, add a low, perhaps a keyboard, and is ready base. Then sing something and already have a song , “says Ulrich Hepp, spokesman for Magix .

Does this mean that the slogan “plug and play” musical becomes reality ?. “This is not so easy” says the journalist Sunderkötter. Naturally, you can put together a couple of loops, but “whoever else, should go further”. And this costs more time and work.

The next step would be, for example, connect a keyboard to the computer. A current electronic keyboard provides much more than the simple sound of a piano. By command MIDI , you can control virtual instruments, from one organ to a string orchestra. Everything you touch on the keyboard can be reworked later note for note in a music publisher.

But there are also add- ons for real instruments: Garageband , for example, according to Apple, can provide up to twelve types of amplifiers to a guitar connected to your computer. And every mistake can be corrected later note for note with Flex Time feature. The same allows the editor Cubase , capable of correcting notes isolated in what is called “pitch shifting”.

For a perfect work a virtual mixer, the acid test for a beginner passionate needed. In this field you have to have some learning time. Time depends on prior knowledge of the budding musician.”Naturally help when someone has already handled a mixer and perhaps an effects editor,” says Carsten Kaiser, author of several books on the subject. Otherwise, it will take a long time to learn to handle the different buttons and commands.

That is why, before buying,is important try if you can master the program instructions. In this help free demo versions that can be downloaded from the Internet . Sometimes, programs for beginners are attached to sound cards keyboards or MIDI .

It should also pay attention to the technical data: normal are currently at least 24 bits and 44.1 kilohertz (KHz), necessary for good recording acoustic instruments, says Sunderkötter.

But with increasing demands on the sound, versions for beginners also have their limitations.There are often lacking the possibilities of setting up equipment for a particular job. These adjustments are between five and ten percent of a professional recording. “You will never get a recording sounds like Britney Spears or Lady Gaga,” says Kaiser.

Finally, keep in mind that a musical production on the computer can take a long time. And this even more when you have definite ideas about sound to achieve.

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