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The best Applications for Downloading Music in BlackBerry for free labels
on January 12, 2018
The best Applications for Downloading Music in BlackBerry for free

At present, the BlackBerry smartphone telephony does not have a wide range of mobile devices or applications, as it is no secret to anyone that this brand has lost prestige and the recognition it had a few years ago. However, there are still many people around the world who use the BlackBerry mobile phone.

This cellular brand has an official store called BlackBerry App World, where we can find numerous applications of all kinds, from games, applications to edit photographs, programs and other applications. Until recently, BlackBerry used to have many other applications that are currently not available in your store, therefore, the number of applications has decreased significantly.

The fact of downloading music through a BlackBerry device has become increasingly difficult, however there are still some ways to download music on BlackBerry, making it possible to have a fully customized music library.

It is well known that BlackBerry devices have good sound acoustics, even when playing music through headphones the sound quality is good and the volume is adequate, allowing us to enjoy much more all the hits that we have in our player.

Next, we will present an application where you can download songs of any musical genre, as well as a web page that will help you in the task of downloading music and as if that were not enough, considering that this brand of phones does not include a radio, we will show you an application with which you can listen to music with excellent harmony with AM and FM frequency.

Applications for Downloading Music on BlackBerry

  • KlikMusik

You can search, download and listen to music at any time, no matter where you are, using this application that is considered the most advanced and useful of BlackBerry devices. It is a free program for all BlackBerry users, although it contains items for sale.

Downloading music from BlackBerry has never been so easy, this application is also integrated with your favorite social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook, being an excellent way to share your musical tastes with your friends.

It has a totally attractive Interfax, which despite its beautiful features does not require much space or storage, its size is 7MB and its latest version is version All comments from BlackBerry users imply that this application provides a wonderful service, completely safe and fast.

Among the musical genres that can be found in KlikMusik available for download are: Pop, Rock, R & B and Soul, Jazz & Blues, International and alternative music, making more and more people interested in installing this program.

Within this application you may find songs or genres that are able to expand your musical tastes, since it contains music of all kinds which you may not yet know. Even using this application to make your music downloads through BlackBerry, there are other options you can try to download music, without installing a program: a web page that allows you to download songs for free from the browser of your BlackBerry device

It is a Web space that hosts millions of songs available to download in mp3 format for free, also has a YouTube to mp3 converter that allows you to download any song that is in this recognized website in a few seconds.

It is common to have no space in the SD memory or internal memory of our phone, in fact, many BlackBerry users are in the painful need to uninstall applications to install others, based on this, download music through mp3skull can be very beneficial, since being developed through the browser, it will not occupy space in the SD memory or internal memory of the equipment.

This website currently uses platforms such as SoundCloud, Spotify and YouTube, making their search engines work correctly. To search for a song you can enter its name, the artist’s name or the URL of a Youtube video. Mp3skull offers an advanced, fast and efficient search, where you can find your favorite songs and with just one click download them to your BlackBerry device.

Originally a music player with one of the largest collections of songs in the world of music, it supports MP3, FLAC, OGG, WMA, MP4, AAC, ASF, M4A, MKA, WAV and Internet Radio Streaming, station catalog of live Internet radio broadcast, Digitally Imported, Sky.FM,, and Fresca Radio.

With this application you can enjoy more than 14,000 songs in the music library, you can also make a broad following of radio stations, you can enjoy the most of your favorite artists and live music throughout the day. It contains numerous radio channels and you will also have the possibility to create your own playlists or import your own MP3 music in ModPlayer.

As if that were not enough, you can share your favorite songs with your friends, since it has a wide connection with different social networks. It has an exact weight of 23 MB and its most current version available in BlackBerry World is version 4.8.0. With these applications and their good use, all BlackBerry Blackberry PGP users can enjoy their favorite artists and all the hits and albums of the moment.

More applications to download music on different devices:

If until now you have not found the APP you need, do not worry, you may find it in the following links:

on November 28, 2017

If you want to have an application that besides being entertaining can teach you to play guitar or any string instrument,  Guitar trainer  can be an excellent option. Through this application BlackBerry users can learn to play the instruments in a simple and fun way from their phones.

Guitar Trainer is actually an educational game where musicians can learn and learn about string instruments such as guitar, bass, mandolin and banjo, among others. The application has a training mode and a game mode with different levels of difficulty.

Although the application is limited to only 7 traster (the rectangles that make up the neck of the instrument) in the first four levels of the game, it offers a training modality, which in the free version can only be used for a short time. However, in the BlackBerry App World there is a full version of Guitar Trainer that is available for $ 4.99 (about 8,700 Colombian pesos).

But this is not the only application that music fans can download on their BlackBerry. With Chords’ n Scales  , RIM users can find, learn and remember detailed music information from their device. Most of the images and graphics are designed for guitars and keyboards so that users can find in this application a perfect tool to study the chords and scales in these instruments.

According to the comments of the users of RIM in the App World, the application offers a quantity of information perfect for the size of the screen of their telephones and turns out to be very useful for the learning, although it is preferable that the BlackBerry of the user has tactile screen , like the Torch or the most recent Bold. Chords’ n Scales, you can check the Blackberry PGP can be downloaded for free through the BlackBerry app store.

6 Tips to prevent injury if you play Guitar labels
on December 27, 2016
6 Tips to prevent injury if you play Guitar

Musicians spend a lot of time practicing their instrument, so it is imperative to take care of details that can lead to injury. The great amount of hours of practice involves being careful when playing your guitar, bass or string instrument.
While warming up before practicing the guitar and the elongations that we will see in this article is necessary, there are details that have not been taken into account in some recommendations and I consider fundamental to prevent an injury.1-. Practice time: Ideally , practice sessions no more than 40 minutes to 1 hour and a half at most. As much for a mental as physical subject. The practice should be by objectives, so once the objectives of that practice have been met, rest and resume the guitar in another session. The amount of total hours of the day is dependent on your level, the important thing is to take the appropriate breaks and stop immediately when feeling discomfort. The practice should be calm and painless.


2-.  Posture Practice: Ideally , practice sitting with your spine straight, arms relaxed and guitar at a height where the elbow is relatively parallel to your torso. I hope to use this height also with the strap so that there are no changes when touching standing.


3-. String height: While often is a matter of taste, the sound that can generate or feeling generated by you, if your practice is demanding is advisable to use a normal action low to generate less strain on your hand On your practice guitar. To play live or a few hours of practice you can take higher actions if you want, on your guitar.


4-.Calibre string: This is a topic that is not spoken in the articles, I think it is necessary to consider it . If you practice styles in which you recurrently occupy string lifting, it is advisable to take on your guitar string games of a caliber of 0.09 or 0.10 from the first string or occupy hybrid games if you want to keep thick strings, so that strings You will get up (the first three) are lighter.


5-. Practice separate hands : It is a very good practice advice only control the right hand, then left practice separately. The lack of control of one will make you more tense and squeeze more than necessary. To practice the right you can mute with the left hand and make different rhythmic figures in each string and / or combining strings. For the left hand exercises legato or taping are very efficient.



6-. Heating and elongation: If only from the arms and mobilizing different directions slowly and in a short and then make more rapid and comprehensive range progressive movements. The ideal is to elongate flexors and extensors of wrist and fingers before and after playing about 5 minutes. Do not forget to mobilize the neck in a gentle way in different directions as well as the shoulders.



Imagenería and Hygiene Column: The performance of your hand not only depends on a mechanical issue, it is much more than that. Both mental movement planning and communication between the brain and your hand are critical in the process. The mental practice or visualization will greatly improve your performance on the guitar. Imagining playing, while initially difficult, will significantly enhance your mind map of the guitar and the scales or chords you want to learn.


Another key point is to enhance this communication between brain and hand. If your cervical spine is in trouble or is not in optimal condition, this communication will be interrupted generating a performance lower than the real potential that you can reach. The last cervical and thoracic spinal segments are responsible for sending and receiving information from the hand, so it is highly recommended to correct the dysfunctions that exist in these segments to maximize your performance. Many professional musicians visit the chiropractor near me for this reason, to stay in top condition and take advantage of the maximum performance of their body
A landscape design inspired by music in the pre cordillera of Santiago RM Chile. labels
on December 26, 2016
A landscape design inspired by music in the pre cordillera of Santiago RM Chile.

is there a communication between landscape and music? you have to think that, on the one hand the landscape and music have been always in the human environment and that the first instruments are natural sounds, becoming the prehistory of musical instruments The music that the primitive man produced, extracted it from its landscape, being the most important thing: communication Music and landscape have color, rhythm, height and expressive force. All the musicians in history have been inspired by the landscape of their surroundings. As a first example we have Vivaldi in his 4 seasons, on the other hand remember the Pastoral Symphony of Beethoven and walking a little further in time one of the greatest representatives of the twentieth century G.Mahler , who took refuge in a lake in a beautiful landscape , To find inspiration in his work and so in innumerable cases within what has been the traditional music of symphonic concerts. Just as the landscape has inspired music, landscape design could also be inspired by the music ….



This work was conceived jointly with its inhabitants, who valued their landscape from before the beginning of the construction of their residence, being the landscape designers melbourne work begun in the year 1994 and finished of construction in 1996 in its 2nd stage. The total area is 2,000 m2, and its unique and spectacular location on the 1.000 level of the foothills of the Andes, in the commune of Peñalolen, allows views of the great valley of the Santiago basin and the mountain range of the coast. The design concepts for this residential space were addressed with a dual purpose: on the one hand the recognition and enhancement of the immediate landscape and the distant scenic background, privileging the visual projections and, on the other hand, the need to provide shelter, protection And habitability to the exterior spaces of the house, which involved working at various scales the available space, with different enclosures, zones and functional alternatives and routes. The project was able to reconcile the two great concepts, so that its inhabitants enjoy their private environment and the perspectives to the landscape and the landscape is privileged in environmental and landscape / perceptual aspects, given the biogeographic relationships that the design considers and the global concept Applied, in addition to the visual integration, which also favors the urban set of the area. The project is the work of the Chilean Landscape Designers Luis Bianchi M. and Monica Palma V.
External cleaning of the PC and preparing its peripherals for musicians Guide labels
External cleaning of the PC and preparing its peripherals for musicians Guide

Index of contents.

  1. Introduction.
  2. External cleaning of the CPU.
  3. Cleaning of peripherals.
  4. Cleaning products for PCs.

1. Introduction.

11As always, the best measure is prevention, avoid placing your equipment in dusty, very hot areas or having to handle them with greasy hands.

There are professional chemical cleaners and kits specifically for exterior cleaning PCs but they are often expensive and difficult to find in proximity stores.

However, cleaning with household cleaning products is possible. A solution of soap in water with the cloth well drained can serve to clean the PC externally and other electronic devices.

We also have in the market cleaning kits for optical reader lenses such as DVDs.

Watch out!!! With moistening areas with electric voltage or touch screens, as they may stop working. Work with very drained or dry cloths.

2. Cleaning the CPU, mini tower or turret.

Passing the vacuum cleaner or blower to clean the inside of the CPU, at least once a year depending on the situation of the computer is very advisable. Especially for areas of fans that usually accumulate enough dust.

Rods can help us reach inaccessible areas. Always work with the equipment disconnected from the network.

A soft brush type brush or brush can be helpful to lift accumulations. It is ideal for reaching small nooks and crannies such as those found in the heat sinks of the motherboard microchips and fans.

There are moving parts, such as fans that can be lubricated with lubricating spray oils. Where appropriate they are susceptible to disassembly for deep cleaning if they sound too much or malfunctioning. Alcohol or other solvents such as those found in commercial cleaning products can work to dissolve dust and accumulated dirt, but run the risk of corrosion if used repeatedly.

Do not wet the motherboards, other printed circuits, better dry cloths or brush type brushes. Also do not use pointed utensils that can scratch or damage the circuits, better soft tools such as cotton buds typical for cleaning the ears. Cloths should also be soft and non-abrasive.

Do not allow the accumulation to reach such an extreme that certain components such as mobile fans become blocked, then it may be late and corrective maintenance is required.

3. Peripherals and other external devices.


For the keyboard is recommended, turn around and give “small touches” smoothly, perhaps improve this technique pass the vacuum cleaner to remove dust deposits and dirt not too embedded. If necessary, the keyboard can be removed from the back so as not to separate the keys from their position. In case of release they could be placed depending on the cases, but better not disassemble them due to their difficulty in the assembly.

It is recommended to use non-abrasive neutral products or to use solvents when cleaning the general parts of a PC.

4. Cleaning products for PCs.

11 EWENT EW5601 – Air compressor, 400 ml .
11 Fellowes 9977907 . Computer Cleaning Kit (Pressure Air Filter, Plastic, Multi, 16.2 cm, 6 cm, 24.5 cm).


11 Black plastic casing USB Mini Vacuum Keyboard for PC Laptop  from  Sourcingmap

notes :

  • Remember, these tips are provided without warranty, it is your responsibility to treat your equipment during cleaning.
  • Beware of the static electricity that you accumulate may be enough to disable any electronic component used in a PC. Use insulated footwear and discharge your load by touching a metal, for example.
You want to be a musician? With these programs you can have your home studio labels
on December 7, 2016
You want to be a musician? With these programs you can have your home studio

Having your own recording studio, publishing a CD. That’s the dream of every amateur musician.And to achieve it takes less than many imagine. The computer is easy to make recordings in the room of the house. Neither the software to achieve cost too much money. But what is right?

The software makes the computer a recording studio. Programs for beginners, for less than $ 100, turn the computer on multitrack recorder with multiple effects and virtual instruments, data backups, email contacts, Reverse append. Who wants to go further will have to invest a lot of time, because the domain of the art sound is not easy, even with the computer.

The first thing a musician must ask is whether he plays in the professional league or amateur league. Because this is ultimately a question of price. Advanced programs such as Cubase 6.5 , the German firm Steinberg , costing several hundred dollars, although there are smaller versions at a lower price. The firm Presonus offers a free version for beginners program Studio One .

Many wonder if this serves to start. “Of course I do , ” says Jörg Sunderkötter, magazine ‘Sound & Recording’ in Cologne. “These programs do not have 300 tracks available, but who needs this?”.Who do not plan to deliver a professional recording a record, it will suffice version for beginners.

But users Apple can start without spending too much: the program Garageband is in the iLife ’11 suite and comes preinstalled on Macs. For professionals is Logic , Apple, whose version Pro 9 costs about $ 199.99. But there are also a host of other Windows programs for beginners. Among these, Cakewalk Sonar X2 with series FL Studio , Sony Acidand Magix .

No need to know much to turn a song into music with the Music Maker Magix . The program brings many “loops” that can be combined in several tracks in harmonizing and pace desired.”Choosing a beat, add a low, perhaps a keyboard, and is ready base. Then sing something and already have a song , “says Ulrich Hepp, spokesman for Magix .

Does this mean that the slogan “plug and play” musical becomes reality ?. “This is not so easy” says the journalist Sunderkötter. Naturally, you can put together a couple of loops, but “whoever else, should go further”. And this costs more time and work.

The next step would be, for example, connect a keyboard to the computer. A current electronic keyboard provides much more than the simple sound of a piano. By command MIDI , you can control virtual instruments, from one organ to a string orchestra. Everything you touch on the keyboard can be reworked later note for note in a music publisher.

But there are also add- ons for real instruments: Garageband , for example, according to Apple, can provide up to twelve types of amplifiers to a guitar connected to your computer. And every mistake can be corrected later note for note with Flex Time feature. The same allows the editor Cubase , capable of correcting notes isolated in what is called “pitch shifting”.

For a perfect work a virtual mixer, the acid test for a beginner passionate needed. In this field you have to have some learning time. Time depends on prior knowledge of the budding musician.”Naturally help when someone has already handled a mixer and perhaps an effects editor,” says Carsten Kaiser, author of several books on the subject. Otherwise, it will take a long time to learn to handle the different buttons and commands.

That is why, before buying,is important try if you can master the program instructions. In this help free demo versions that can be downloaded from the Internet . Sometimes, programs for beginners are attached to sound cards keyboards or MIDI .

It should also pay attention to the technical data: normal are currently at least 24 bits and 44.1 kilohertz (KHz), necessary for good recording acoustic instruments, says Sunderkötter.

But with increasing demands on the sound, versions for beginners also have their limitations.There are often lacking the possibilities of setting up equipment for a particular job. These adjustments are between five and ten percent of a professional recording. “You will never get a recording sounds like Britney Spears or Lady Gaga,” says Kaiser.

Finally, keep in mind that a musical production on the computer can take a long time. And this even more when you have definite ideas about sound to achieve.

13 reasons why a SmartBand can improve your music lifestyle labels
on October 5, 2016
13 reasons why a SmartBand can improve your music lifestyle

The advancement of technology and reducing the size of electronic devices over the years is it possible to use, more and more devices in our daily lives as supplements that help us personally change.

Devices ” wearables ” (to be worn) are most notable step in this field. The most practical example is fitness smartband or cuantificadoras bracelets that allow us to measure different parameters in our daily lives and help us improve, ultimately, our lifestyle. We know 13 reasons why a SmartBand can improve your lifestyle today.

What is a quantizer or SmartBand bracelet?

The cuantificadoras bracelets are devices really booming right now: They’re so simple, small and effective than take on the wrist without worrying about nothing more than to charge your battery and get them started.

These devices incorporate a number of sensors that measure our daily activity: how many steps we take, how many kilometers we travel, how many calories we burn, how we sleep, etc.


Of course, all your information is merely upholding , as it only comes with sensors on the wrist and not in other parts of the body, but still fully useful to know each other better and try to improve certain aspects or overcome our personal goals .All information is shown summarized in the form of graphics on your smartphone or computer, according to the bracelet and depending on the application used to it.

An example of SmartBand pointer is found in the new Sony SmartBand SWR10 , an elegant, practical and sturdy device that will give us endless possibilities, thanks to its LifeLog, to control the activity of our daily life , as reflected in the 13 possible applications that we can give and we detail below.

13 ways will improve one SmartBand


It is a quantifier

Its most basic function: count the steps we take in our daily lives. Something that will encourage us when trying to overcome our own walking distances and we will significantly improve our physical and mental state.

Measure your activity

The day has many hours, and not all the activity we have is to go: we usually go jogging , we take the bike , we practice other sports . Our SmartBand can measure all our physical activity regardless of their nature.

It helps you overcome your goals

Measure the activity is a wonderful thing, but the key is to know what we do every day and how much to set personal goals and overcome our own goals.


You can count calories consumed

When performing sports activities, according to their intensity and your age, height and weight you can consume more or less calories . Your SmartBand will keep us informed about how many calories we lose while performing such activities.

Keeping in shape

If we count our daily steps, we measure all our activity, we exceeded previously established objectives and consume calories in every activity performed, we will be fully fit and your body will thank you .

It will improve your mood

By having good health and better physical condition, our mood will be reflected in the same way: we feel more alive and happy to see the positive progress that get gradually.

You will have a gauge of sleep

Our SmartBand not only prove beneficial to us in the “busyness” daily, will also be a great ally when going to bed. It will be able to monitor our movements and then show us what has been the real rest in a graph.

You can enjoy a “silent” alarm

The SmartBand you wake up the best time based on your sleep cycle. It willvibrate gently on your wrist just when you finish your last dream. You will not bother anyone else with the typical audible alarm.

Ideal to relive or remember important moments

Thanks to the combination of our SmartBand and other external applications as Lifelog , we can have full control of our lives: we have information of our activities of social and entertainment , thanks to the information gathered from your smartphone applications. Mark a memorable moment in your life will be very easy.


You’ll use a useful Notifier on your wrist

When we receive a call, a message or a notification on your smartphone , our SmartBand we warn you with a small vibration on our wrist. We will be fully informed of everything that happens on the device to which we are connected even without having it before.

You will have a multimedia controller on your wrist

We may also use our SmartBand as a multimedia controller to use. Nothing better that while we are practicing our favorite sport and hearing record, to reproduce, change songs, pause with a touch of button on our wrist.

Do not forget our smartphone

If we move out of Bluetooth range of our smartphone, our SmartBand warn us andavoid forget . Likewise all information collected while we are away from it and automatically syncs back to reconnecting be stored.


Add discrete, tough and durable fashion

Our SmartBand can influence our appearance thanks to being an aesthetic plus complement. Its elegant design and its durability and resistance against water and dust make it a totally irresistible device.

on September 24, 2016

There are many issues that you must work your music as the SEO of your website. The good news is that there Musical Marketing to help you deal with issues like this. I will answer many of the questions I’ve been asked about SEO.


What is SEO? it stands for Search Engine Optimization which in Spanish means Optimizing your Website for Search Engines; Google, Bing and Yahoo to name the main ones.

What does SEO? SEO is what makes a person, according to their interests, find your website in search engines.

What can help my music? helps’re visible in the search engines and you be found by the right people or in other words your ideal fan.

How does it work? to work you have to establish what are the keywords of your music and add them to the name and description in the meta data of your website. You do not need a webmaster to do so, many blog providers automatically configure it once you enter the blog name and description.

What are my keywords? Your keywords are your stage name, the country where you live, your slogan, your musical genre, the names of your songs and description of your music. If you have a distinctive elements that define your brand and the characteristics of your ideal fan are keywords you can use too. For more information read Did you know that your music is a brand? .

If you do not know the characteristics of your ideal fan I recommend you download my ebook Study of Fan Ideal . It’s free.

Follow these tips as a guide for establishing your SEO:

  • Make a list of keywords that identify your music.
  • Write a short paragraph explaining what your music but containing keywords and include them where the description of your website going.
  • In the name or title of the website you’re going to put your artistic and optional name you can also put your slogan or your country and musical genre. For example: Raymond Zayas – Puerto Rico Marketing Musical.
  • properly label photos uploaded to your website. In the properties of the image you añadeles a title, description and in the comments area put your url.
  • You constantly have to publish content to your website and labels put keywords with which your ideal fan will identify with your music.
  • Eventually you’ll discover new keywords that may be potential to define your music. Remember to update your SEO with those words.

Check us at

7 essential films for music students labels
on September 20, 2016
7 essential films for music students

The film industry also has used the musical sphere to produce films can inspire, teach or entertain future musicians

The beginnings of the most popular musicians in history, hard road to success, as well as problems or dilemmas that lie behind the stage, are some of the themes of the music industry film producers have led to the big screen . Ribbons a future musician can learn a lesson, inspiration and even gain courage to face this difficult path. All movies below are available to see on putlocker movies

1. The Blues Brothers

Known in Spain as “The Blues Brothers”, this film released in 1980 mixes humor with music to tell the story of the Blues Brothers. After spending several years in prison for robbery, Jake Blues gets out of prison where he is expected by his brother Elwood. This informs you that the orphanage where they grew up is about to be closed, so both will be proposed to use music as a means to save the site.

2. Yellow Submarine

Based on the Beatles song of the same name, this animated film released in 1968 takes us to see the musical Pepperland hidden paradise under the sea. One day this land in which dominates the music is invaded by the Blue Meanies, characters who hate music. Faced with this problem the mayor of the region Liverpool sends the young Fred, in his yellow submarine, for help. So it will be as it begins to reunite the Beatles.

3. Amadeus

This American film released in 1984, tells the story of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart from the vision of Antonio Salieri. Who until then he had been the most prominent court musician of Emperor Joseph II of Austria. However, feeling threatened by the arrival of Mozart, Salieri will do everything to ruin the career advancement of young musician born in Salzburg (Austria).

4. Habana Blues

In 2005 comes to the big screen the film Habana Blues, a Spanish-Cuban production that tells the story of young musicians Ruy and Tito. Their music is a mix of Cuban music with Rock and Roll and Blues. However, the ability to jump to fame internationally hand of a record will you both young various moral dilemmas and difficult decision whether it is worth sacrificing art commercial.

5. Whiplash

More recently this American film that tells the story of young Andrew Neiman, a promising jazz drummer who decides to enroll in Shaffer, one of the best country music conservatories opened.In this institution, and fierce competition, you will find advice from Terence Fletcher, an abusive conductor who will take the limit just to get his full potential.

6. The Phantom of the Opera

Translated into Spanish as “The Phantom of the Opera”, this film has several film versions is the adaptation of the novel by French writer Gaston Leroux. He tells the story of a man who lives in the basement of the Paris Opera, dedicated to terrorize all entrepreneurs or artists who come to the theater. However, everything will change with the arrival of the young dancer Christine beautiful voice.

7. 8 Mile

Released in 2002 under the name of “8 Mile” is one of the few films of the film industry with rap as a central theme. The argument of the film are the first steps of American rapper Eminem in this musical style; besides it struggles to gain the respect of black rappers who have always dominated the rap environment.


Musical cryptography labels
on August 23, 2016
Musical cryptography

This new post aims to expand an issue that was presented in class, cryptographer job, in this case the musical cryptogram.

The use of musical cryptogram has been much less than other uses of cryptography because of the difficulties of the environment where they have to hide the message, in this case the sound. But throughout history there are many examples of this use of sound, include compositions by JS Bach, Schumann, Brahms, or even modern composers of the twentieth century as Alban Berg or Oliver Messiaen. The best example is the use that gave the famous spy Mata Hari, who used this encryption to send secret messages to his allies.Due to this fact, this form of encryption is often referred to “Encrypting Mata Hari”.

All this technology is based on the association of certain sounds and notes with letters of the alphabet, so that the notes are part of a song, in turn, form the hidden message.Traditionally in many languages different notes have been associated with some letters of the alphabet, so for example the notes LA, would be A, the SI would be the B ect. With this method several composers recorded their names in the works that composed, for example BACH, which following the traditional German nomenclature corresponds to: B flat B, LA corresponds to A, DO is the C and, finally, the SI It represented by the letter H. Compounding that melody obtain the author’s name. Other composers have referred to this same case, “IMPROVISED WALTZ ON THE NAME OF BACH” of Poulenc. Generally this corresponds to a simple encryption encryption sustición, which is one of the simplest there, corrrespondiendo, for example to the next sample:

With this simple tactical wheel we could transmit messages in the form of innocent tonillos, for example:

However, this method can be complicated, and there are documented examples of codes that use both variations in tone and frequency using keys. That is, like the current encryption system is based on the famous public and private key, there are examples of similar constructions in the audio giving each person a melody, private “key” as well as a public. The value of this system, mainly as a curiosity, lies in the difficulty they may have the machines to identify slightly modified melodies, difficulty that we as humans do not possess.

Music and SEO: how to optimize the experience of fan labels
on August 21, 2016
Music and SEO: how to optimize the experience of fan

A band can avail the benefits of SEO just like they do trademarks. The factors of SEO positioning apply equally to all.

But music , characterized by the uniqueness of who creates, interprets or executes, demand another type of SEO strategy – it’s the local seo gold coast.

In this article you will find a list of ideas and SEO actions to increase the visibility of a digital music group in each of their publications.

The fan defined keywords

Conceivably most users discover music groups launching generic queries on search engines (eg “madrid jazz trio”, “indie rock group”, etc.) but do so through various forms: recommendations specialized media,  apps , services suggestions in streaming …

And so an SEO strategy focused on positioning a band using generic keywords will be inefficient.

On the one hand, the band will compete with a vast number of media and websites that generate huge amounts of content and on the other, compete with well positioned historical bands.

Let’s change the focus.

The user does not discover groups through keywords generic but the fan does seek specific information about the group that follows or just discovered .

This is shown by the predictions of Google Instant search.


In this perspective, it makes more sense to meet the specific inquiries fan who ultimately define keywords and content to optimize.

The group will get results to guide the SEO strategy to online fan experience , ergo  promote their access and permanence in the digital ecosystem of the music group .


Once discarded generic keywords is appropriate  to develop a list of specific keywords that include the name of the group, their  music and / or terms directly related  (concerts, song titles, albums, etc.).

The list of keywords  is the core on which to work the contents in order to associate them with the intention of finding followers.

You do not know where to start?

In that case the tools keyword research  can be useful for ideas and develop your list.

An example. In the next image Keyword Planner keyword suggestions associated with Vetusta Morla and search volume for each are shown.


But first of all keep in mind that SEO is not a set of actions that apply once, it is an ongoing process that requires commitment and long term vision.

The best recipe is a dose of patience and start applying  basic techniques of search engine optimization in OC .

Once the time to optimize, optimize bet one come keyword -can be formed by various terms- for each url.

And from there use it as much as possible: urls, description , headings, in the Alt attribute of images … yes, always in a natural way. Over-optimization can be penalized by search engines.

Website: ecosystem epicenter of the music group

The website is the official channel of information for fans in which offer valuable information and news about the band.

In turn should act as a directory of the digital ecosystem, also funneling traffic to external sites -enmarcados in strategy- where their content (shops, Youtube, agency management, etc.) is housed.

And like many other digital projects since the launch of the website of the music group it is necessary to focus on:

Build your audience : it is essential to have a good capture tool emails  to build a database of supporters.

The group email allows direct communication with the fan and visits to the site by adding links in communications. And no doubt, email marketing continues to be an effective sales channel.

Knowing the user : use a web analytics tool to understand the behavior of users, geographic location or sources of site traffic.

But especially to monitor how you approach or not the goals you have set.

Keep it simple : both SEO level impact on user experience, the site must satisfy optimum usability  and loading speed, structure or adaptation devices, among other properties.

structured data

Structured data are specific tags (or microdata) that you can add in the HTML code of a web page. Invisible to the user but of great value to the search engines.

The community , driven in 2011 and funded by Bing, Google, Yahoo and Yandex develops an extensive vocabulary employing structured data search engines.

These data allow searchers to understand the published, presenting more accurately and more attractive to users form content.


Schema has structured data  bands ,  songs , albums , concerts , music videos , music stores  and so on , that help describe the content, meaning and the relationship of the data (context).

Okay, but structured data improve ranking positions? Not necessarily but you can provide more visits.

A bookmarked web page structured data will not appear above but can increase your CTR (clickthrough rate relative to the number of prints) by how it is presented in the results list.

Knowledge Graph

At the same time, structured data make “eligible” to a website to appear in the  Knowledge Graphs  (and the Now Cards)  that Google started using lists of results in 2012.

Knowledge Graph improves search results, offers multiple answers to the same query and allows the user to explore in greater depth the result by clicking on an item.

You’ve seen it many times and you’ve probably come to him, right?



Using structured guarantees you not appear in the data  Knowledge Graphs -the relevance and website traffic is determinante- but your chances are increased, as indicated by numerous publications.

Eg:  Musical artists: your official tour dates in the Knowledge Graph , Upcoming Events In The Knowledge Graph . 

List of concerts

When display events in the Knowledge Graph , Google gives priority to information published on the official website of the group.

The structured event data allow concerts appear on a list or on a carousel in search results, as shown in the image.

Seo music concerts

The event marked structured data can be entered  manually  or without edit HMTL through the website code marker data Search Console , located in the Appearance block search.

Google also recognizes markup for events on a website by  certain plugins and widgets  compatible with WordPress, Joomla, Bandzoogle, BandPage or ReverbNation among others.

Biography and discography

Bio section is an opportunity to provide content of interest to fans through different pages with more depth to each of the members of the musical training.

Pearl Jam, the popular alternative rock band from Seattle, is an example of how to dedicate a URL to each of its components  adding value to followers.

Through a micro-interview, the musicians talk about their first instruments, what pushed them to the world of the interpretation or the first concerts that influenced their music.

The classic option is that individual pages are optimized for the name of each artist and depend hierarchically on a page that exposes the history of the group as a whole.

The discography of the group can be treated the same way. That is, a main page that the complete discography and a set of sub-pages optimized for the title of each album is compiled.

Songs and lyrics

The title and lyrics of the songs are perfect content for search engines: pure text. And the group’s website is the best place for the fan in resorting to this content.

Why not exploit it?

Check out the website to see how Metallica fans delight with text content on the titles and lyrics (eg  Enter Sandman , Whiskey in the Jar ).

Wikipedia and MusicBrainz

Appearing in both digital repositories generates traffic to the website of themusic group and also  favors its appearance in the Knowledge Graphs .

The music group can  contribute to MusicBrainz adding information to the database at any time, although an emerging or unknown group.

By contrast Wikipedia publications it based on relevance.

Before  starting the process for a page on Wikipedia is necessary to assess the relevance of the group .

The promotional pages  are deleted by the Wiki librarians within hours (thankfully).


Internet music and videos is positioned at the top of the rankings, especially for song search.

Have a channel and address practices SEO for Youtube  is a basic necessity for the music group.

To keep the user in the digital ecosystem is key use “cards” and “notes” that suggest the subscription channel, watch another video or visit the website of the music group.

And playlists increase the number of video playback.


It is the only social network that its search engine algorithms have full access to grant certain authorship and relevance to social content.

This does not mean that Google does not consider important signals of other social networks. It takes them into account but with nuances.

In the following video Matt Cutts explains, among other things, the difficulty of the search engine to understand the identity, relevance and relationship between the various accounts and profiles.

(When asked a user:  Are Facebook and Twitter signals part of the ranking algorithm How much do they matter?) 

Paragraphs “publications” and “information” Google+ profile and especially the block called “links” allow the seeker to know the digital identity of entities that do not use structured for that purpose (data corporate contacts , logo , social networking profiles ).

Create a Google+ profile verified  (as a brand), include links to the website and other social profiles help Google to recognize the digital identity of the band.



Both the relevance and transparency of authorship as integration with other applications (Maps, Youtube, Images, etc.), Google+ SEO produces higher impact, provided that the published content is considered valuable by other users (+1, shares , etc.).

Summary and Conclusion

SEO guide the strategy towards the fan experience helps capture and keep the user in the ecosystem of the music group.

In this sense, structured data is a valuable resource for search engines and in turn is the key to appear in the  Knowledge Graphs .

On the Internet you compete for attention and music groups do not escape this reality with boundless musical offerings available.

Hence the need to develop and optimize its ecosystem, using the group’s website to build your audience so as to drive traffic to third parties to help turn your objectives.

In this post we have collected only a few ideas to increase the visibility of a band but there are many others to write.

The electronic cigarette that plays music labels
on August 17, 2016
The electronic cigarette that plays music

The electronic cigarette that plays music

Undoubtedly fashion electronic cigarettes still booming, although it has divided the scientific community about how harmful or not you can be, the latter is the launch customizado a alsocigarette that when you turn the song sounds “The Hills” of The Weeknd .

Inspired by the artwork of Canadian artist latest album “Beauty Mehind The Madness” , this musical electronic cigarette has been developed by one of the most important companies in that market, PAX and also here are the best electronic cigarette 2016


The design includes the famous logo “XO” The Weenknd and a yellow LED light, distinctive color of their recent album, the reason for this release is to celebrate the new tour by the United States and Canada in which the artist will be presenting live her album.

The launch of this electronic cigarette will be released on November 11th in a limited edition at a price of $ 324.99

Audiobulb Release Switches Compilation CD labels
by room on 2004-03-24 21:31:01

Audiobulb Release Switches Compilation

Switches - (AB004)
Label compilation album (format: CD)

'Switches' includes tracks from 14 of our artists packaged together in one compilation album.

Rhythmic glitches, electronic grooves, experimental ambience, and the idiosyncratic beats of IDM compositions are all detailed within the album.

Complex, beautiful and disturbing - each track acts as a unique switch bringing new elements of audio exploration to the listener's experience.

Visit the release page for more information and to hear 1 minute samples taken from the works of:

- He Can Jog
- Marion
- Disastrato
- Diagram of Suburban Chaos

Audiobulb is accepting world-wide credit card purchases via our shop and

David Newman
Audiobulb Records
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Swedish Key Harp for HALion and Kontakt samples
by precisionsound on 2004-03-07 00:16:38

The distinctive and airy sound of the Key Harp "Nyckelharpa" sampled in detail.

The bowed sustained instrument has both straight notes (2 velocity levels) and half note glissando "up" and "down" and 2 velocity levels of the resonator strings as release samples. Key click noises, both "up" and "down".

Plectrum picked version with 2 velocity levels.

47 unique "clicks", "knocks", "hits" and "scrape" noises.

The complete CD-ROM contains 289 individual 24 bit Stereo WAV samples and 11 programs each for HALion 1.* and NI Kontakt 1.2.

The CD-ROM has color label artwork and are delivered in a black "Slim Chase"

The Swedish Key Harp is also divided into 3 SampleSets for download

Go to for DEMO songs, more information and ordering
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Whitenoise Releases Massive Additive Synth software : windows : plugins : softsynths
by koolym on 2004-01-12 21:23:01

Whitenoise Audio have released a humongously complex additive VSTi synth for Windows they call, uhm "White Noise Additive Synth". It does additive synthesis, of course, but it als allows you to draw your own waveforms, timbral changes and filters. You can even load a .BMP file to use as a spectrum. And if that isn't enough, it also does vocoding *and* it has a bunch of formant filters. All this can be yours for USD 99.
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Precisionsound releases Weltmeister Accordion for HALion and NI Kontakt software
by precisionsound on 2004-01-10 22:56:07

The CD-ROM contains 567 individual 24 bit Mono WAV samples and 17 programs, each for HALion 1.*, HALion 2.01 and NI Kontakt.
Almost every note has been sampled with 2 velocity levels and individual release samples. It’s the bellow in/out dragging that’s splitted into velocity zones.

All samples have been tweaked for playability and realism within the sample programs. You get a fast response when playing, no need for staccato samples.

The modulation wheel gives you the ability to do manual vibratos. All 5 key register positions has been sampled and divided into 4 * 4 + 1 sample programs: “Mini”, “Optimal”, “Extended”, “Dream” and “Noise”. No basses.

You get the "Pianica 32A" SampleSet for FREE with the CD-ROM and the Weltmeister Accordion BUNDLE (HALion/Kontakt Download)
Weltmeister Meteor
Weltmeister Accordion CD-ROM 49$
Weltmeister Accordion BUNDLE (HALion/Kontakt Download) 42$

Go to to hear the DEMO songs, more information and ordering
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Orion 5 Released software : windows : sequencers
by koolym on 2003-12-06 21:29:00

There's a new version out of production suite Orion. The most important new feature is that it now supports realtime multitrack ASIO recording. Oh, and there's a bunch of new effects to play with as well.
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ArtWonk software : windows : various
by koolym on 2003-12-06 21:23:18

ArtWonk is an "Algorithmic Music & Art program", meaning it's an application that helps you design software constructions that more or less generate sound by themselves. And more. The rather good electronic music portal Electro Music is running a review of it.
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Free ABulb VSTi from Audiobulb Records software : multiple platforms : plugins : softsynths
by audiobulb on 2003-12-05 23:50:41

Audiobulb is commited to supporting innovative electronic artists. To reinforce this focus we have updated the site to include a new CREATE page. This sections contains Virtual Studio Instruments (VSTi), high quality wav samples and synth patches. All of this is free to download and use.

To celebrate this initiative Audiobulb has teamed up with electronic artist and programmer Dropkik to bring you the ABulb VSTI. This innovative virtual studio synth is designed to plug into your software studio environment and deliver unpredictable audiobulb acoustic elements.

go get em....
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Precisionsound launches online samples store! samples
by precisionsound on 2003-12-02 20:31:25

Buy and download SampleSets direct, for a much descent price!
First out is the "PRODUCER SERIES Treated Drums".

Carefully edited and selected drum sets mainly designed by Swedish top chart producers for modern Pop/Rock/RnB music productions.
Each volume contains 60+ samples 4 octaves with different logically layered out kits that match each other and a fifth octave with cymbals, effects and additional percussion. Proved to sound good together and fits in the mix.
These sets are made to offer an up to date sound for “MTV Chart” pop/rock styles.
Music producers with top chart songs on their conscious and sound design skills made these sets. You can’t get nearer to “the source” than this!
Listen to the DEMO songs and buy at: Introduction price is 10$ for each SampleSet. Upcoming SampleSets in the very near future is:

"Ethnic RnB Drums & Percussion"

and "PRECISION LINE: Chimes Collection"
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Distributing Your Own Music On The Internet various
by koolym on 2003-11-29 20:19:24 is running an opinion piece by one John Papiewski called "Don't Quitcher Day Job": A Personal Tale of Fringe-Music Sales. The piece provides an overview of the various methods musicians have at their disposal to distribute their music via the internet.
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Camel Audio Cameleon 5000 software : multiple platforms : plugins : softsynths
by koolym on 2003-11-29 20:12:46

Camel Audio, the makers of the CamelPhat plugin, have created their first VST instrument. It's called Cameleon 5000 and it's an "Additive Morphing Resynthesizer", meaning you can load samples in it and then mess them up. It's got a noise generator, 64 detunable partials and much, much more. If you want to read an alternative, highly informative press blurb thingy, try EM411
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