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Audiobulb Release Switches Compilation CD labels
by room on 2004-03-24 21:31:01

Audiobulb Release Switches Compilation

Switches - (AB004)
Label compilation album (format: CD)

'Switches' includes tracks from 14 of our artists packaged together in one compilation album.

Rhythmic glitches, electronic grooves, experimental ambience, and the idiosyncratic beats of IDM compositions are all detailed within the album.

Complex, beautiful and disturbing - each track acts as a unique switch bringing new elements of audio exploration to the listener's experience.

Visit the release page for more information and to hear 1 minute samples taken from the works of:

- He Can Jog
- Marion
- Disastrato
- Diagram of Suburban Chaos

Audiobulb is accepting world-wide credit card purchases via our shop and

David Newman
Audiobulb Records
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Swedish Key Harp for HALion and Kontakt samples
by precisionsound on 2004-03-07 00:16:38

The distinctive and airy sound of the Key Harp "Nyckelharpa" sampled in detail.

The bowed sustained instrument has both straight notes (2 velocity levels) and half note glissando "up" and "down" and 2 velocity levels of the resonator strings as release samples. Key click noises, both "up" and "down".

Plectrum picked version with 2 velocity levels.

47 unique "clicks", "knocks", "hits" and "scrape" noises.

The complete CD-ROM contains 289 individual 24 bit Stereo WAV samples and 11 programs each for HALion 1.* and NI Kontakt 1.2.

The CD-ROM has color label artwork and are delivered in a black "Slim Chase"

The Swedish Key Harp is also divided into 3 SampleSets for download

Go to for DEMO songs, more information and ordering
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Whitenoise Releases Massive Additive Synth software : windows : plugins : softsynths
by koolym on 2004-01-12 21:23:01

Whitenoise Audio have released a humongously complex additive VSTi synth for Windows they call, uhm "White Noise Additive Synth". It does additive synthesis, of course, but it als allows you to draw your own waveforms, timbral changes and filters. You can even load a .BMP file to use as a spectrum. And if that isn't enough, it also does vocoding *and* it has a bunch of formant filters. All this can be yours for USD 99.
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Precisionsound releases Weltmeister Accordion for HALion and NI Kontakt software
by precisionsound on 2004-01-10 22:56:07

The CD-ROM contains 567 individual 24 bit Mono WAV samples and 17 programs, each for HALion 1.*, HALion 2.01 and NI Kontakt.
Almost every note has been sampled with 2 velocity levels and individual release samples. It’s the bellow in/out dragging that’s splitted into velocity zones.

All samples have been tweaked for playability and realism within the sample programs. You get a fast response when playing, no need for staccato samples.

The modulation wheel gives you the ability to do manual vibratos. All 5 key register positions has been sampled and divided into 4 * 4 + 1 sample programs: “Mini”, “Optimal”, “Extended”, “Dream” and “Noise”. No basses.

You get the "Pianica 32A" SampleSet for FREE with the CD-ROM and the Weltmeister Accordion BUNDLE (HALion/Kontakt Download)
Weltmeister Meteor
Weltmeister Accordion CD-ROM 49$
Weltmeister Accordion BUNDLE (HALion/Kontakt Download) 42$

Go to to hear the DEMO songs, more information and ordering
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Orion 5 Released software : windows : sequencers
by koolym on 2003-12-06 21:29:00

There's a new version out of production suite Orion. The most important new feature is that it now supports realtime multitrack ASIO recording. Oh, and there's a bunch of new effects to play with as well.
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ArtWonk software : windows : various
by koolym on 2003-12-06 21:23:18

ArtWonk is an "Algorithmic Music & Art program", meaning it's an application that helps you design software constructions that more or less generate sound by themselves. And more. The rather good electronic music portal Electro Music is running a review of it.
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Free ABulb VSTi from Audiobulb Records software : multiple platforms : plugins : softsynths
by audiobulb on 2003-12-05 23:50:41

Audiobulb is commited to supporting innovative electronic artists. To reinforce this focus we have updated the site to include a new CREATE page. This sections contains Virtual Studio Instruments (VSTi), high quality wav samples and synth patches. All of this is free to download and use.

To celebrate this initiative Audiobulb has teamed up with electronic artist and programmer Dropkik to bring you the ABulb VSTI. This innovative virtual studio synth is designed to plug into your software studio environment and deliver unpredictable audiobulb acoustic elements.

go get em....
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Precisionsound launches online samples store! samples
by precisionsound on 2003-12-02 20:31:25

Buy and download SampleSets direct, for a much descent price!
First out is the "PRODUCER SERIES Treated Drums".

Carefully edited and selected drum sets mainly designed by Swedish top chart producers for modern Pop/Rock/RnB music productions.
Each volume contains 60+ samples 4 octaves with different logically layered out kits that match each other and a fifth octave with cymbals, effects and additional percussion. Proved to sound good together and fits in the mix.
These sets are made to offer an up to date sound for “MTV Chart” pop/rock styles.
Music producers with top chart songs on their conscious and sound design skills made these sets. You can’t get nearer to “the source” than this!
Listen to the DEMO songs and buy at: Introduction price is 10$ for each SampleSet. Upcoming SampleSets in the very near future is:

"Ethnic RnB Drums & Percussion"

and "PRECISION LINE: Chimes Collection"
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Distributing Your Own Music On The Internet various
by koolym on 2003-11-29 20:19:24 is running an opinion piece by one John Papiewski called "Don't Quitcher Day Job": A Personal Tale of Fringe-Music Sales. The piece provides an overview of the various methods musicians have at their disposal to distribute their music via the internet.
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Camel Audio Cameleon 5000 software : multiple platforms : plugins : softsynths
by koolym on 2003-11-29 20:12:46

Camel Audio, the makers of the CamelPhat plugin, have created their first VST instrument. It's called Cameleon 5000 and it's an "Additive Morphing Resynthesizer", meaning you can load samples in it and then mess them up. It's got a noise generator, 64 detunable partials and much, much more. If you want to read an alternative, highly informative press blurb thingy, try EM411
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